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Tummy Time Cards

How to make tummy time cards


Mailing Box
Box Cutter
Steel Ruler
Black Marker


Recycled or textured materials
Hot Glue Gun
Cutting mat or scrap cardboard

Before we get started, if your mailing box has lots of tape and shipping labels you may want to turn it inside out. To do this, simply open the lid, then unfold the front panel carefully so as not to rip the box. Turn the flattened box over so that the white side is facing up, then fold the creases back the other way to remake the box with the brown side facing out.

Step 1

Use a box cutter to cut off the 2 large faces (top and bottom) of your mailing box using a steel ruler as a guide for the straight edges, then cut them both in half to give you 4 cards. Cut the remaining sides up into 8 pieces about 12cm long to create the stands. You may want to use a cutting mat or scrap piece of cardboard to protect your work surface.

tummy time cards - step 1

Step 2

Use scissors to cut slots in the cards and stands. They should be about 2.5cm long and 3mm wide. There should be 2 slots in the cards, about 3cm in from each edge and 1 slot in each of the stands, located in the centre.

Tummy Time Cards - Step 2

Step 3

Use the black marker to create high contrast patterns by drawing on the white side of the cards. We created simple stripes, shapes and checks but feel free to get creative here, or hand over the reins to an older sibling to create something special.

Tummy time Cards - Step 3

Step 4 (Optional)

If you want to make your cards double sided, collect some recycled or textured materials to hot glue to the back side of the cards. We used pom poms, toilet rolls cut into narrow slices, brown paper and ribbons. Be sure to keep the area above the slots clear to allow the stands to slide on.

Tummy time Cards - Step 4

Step 5

Assemble your cards by slotting the stands directly into the card slots. Then get ready for some big feels' mama, as you watch your babe discover and explore, with the added bonus of getting in some tummy time – winning!

Tummy Time Cards - Step 5