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Baebe Baby Book

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Say a big hello to the awesomely unique baby journal, designed for the modern mama.
With a clean, minimalist design and no pink or blue gender stereotypes in sight, we’re seriously shaking up the journal game with our gorgeously sleek baby book that’s wonderfully inclusive of all family types - yass!

We know how super-busy life is for us mamas, so we’ve made our baby journal ridiculously easy to use and fill out. In fact, we’ve saved you some precious time by cherry-picking the milestones we know you’ll want to record the most (you’re welcome).With the stunning baby journal from Baebe, you can capture those magical milestones in epic style, from their first word to their first step and every important moment in between. You can even save a lock of hair from their very first haircut (seriously, how cute is that?). And if you’re feeling a little (or a lot) creative, our minimalist baby book gives you plenty of scope to add your own flavour, so you can totally make it your own.

Cuz in a world abounding in digital distractions, we get how hard it can be to stop for a while and take in those amazing moments (let alone record them!). But trust us - we’ve been there and you really don’t wanna miss them. Our modern, simple-to-use baby journal is here to help you cross ‘mama guilt’ off your list and create an epic keepsake that your fam’s gonna treasure forever. Seriously, this is a game-changer!