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How to make a Lion


Baebe Mailing Box
Paint and Brushes
Black Marker
Box Cutter


Pink Paint Pen

Before we get started, if your mailing box has lots of tape and shipping labels you may want to turn it inside out. To do this, simply open the lid, then unfold the front panel carefully so as not to rip the box. Turn the flattened box over so that the white side is facing up, then fold the creases back the other way to remake the box with the brown side facing out.

Step 1

To start your lion, use the pencil to draw a large circle on the top of the box. Next add 2 semi circles for ears at the top of the circle. To create the mane, draw lines radiating out from the circle to the edges of the box. Don’t worry about trying to make these perfect, if the lines are a little wonky it adds to the character!

Lion - Step 1

Step 2

Paint the mane in sections, using the lines you drew in step 1 to define the start of a new colour.  We made our lion in shades of yellows and oranges, but feel free to take some creative license here and let your inner artist shine.

Lion - Step 2a

Step 3

When the mane has dried, add in some details with a black marker or paint pen. We outlined his face and mane and added simple facial features.  For the cheeks we used a pink paint pen but you can use paint or markers for this also.

Lion - Step 3

Step 4

Use a box cutter to carefully cut out the lion’s mouth, then grab a bowl of pom poms, lids or small toys and you're ready to feed your roarsome lion! Nom Nom Nom..

Lion - Step 4